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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 11:44 Jennifer Devore
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We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice.

- Ralphie, "A Christmas Story"

Author Jennifer Susannah Devore's homage to A Christmas Story, Gaslamp Strip Club, San Diego. Photo: JSDevore


All hail the electric glow of sex! In homage to arguably one of the most perfect Christmas tales, A Christmas Story: JennyPop's leg-lamp reënactment at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

Merrie Christmas to all!


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Thursday, 13 October 2016 16:14 Jennifer Devore
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As authoress Jennifer Susannah Devore works diligently on the second edit of her fifth novel, in fact the fourth in her Savannah of Williamsburg 18thC. historical-fiction series, she takes a moment to celebrate October 13th: Goth Chick Appreciation Day.

It is a day to commemorate "those ladies, young and old, with a penchant for the macabre and twisted ... not your average, hair-twirling, dim-witted twits, they are the cultured, refined, poetic enigmas that make life worth living". As JennyPop is busy editing Savannah of Williamsburg: Washington, Wisdom & The West, Virginia 1754 (Book IV in the series), she will allow Foamy the Squirrel to enlighten you further.

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Remember, as it regards GCAD sacrifices, if cheerleaders are not readily available in your area, pinatas can be substituted for cheerleaders. It's not as fun, but it is less messy and there is no liability.

"Old goths don't die. We just dress that way."

- Kat Kinsman


Happy Goth Chick Appreciation Day to all you fellow poetic enigmas!


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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 09:09 Jennifer Devore
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Farewell, Han Solo



Jennifer Susannah Devore



The Force Awakened, fresh tales to tell

Friends and enemies, today and long ago

Han Solo, we bid you a fond, hallowed farewell


Ridley, Boyega, Fisher, Ford and Hamill

Passionate protags, plus a pilot called Poe

Droids, smugglers, scoundrels and scavengers who sell


On the dunes, in the woods or high atop an island fell

Heroes fight for the Republic to repel a dark foe

Han Solo, we bid you a fond, hallowed farewell


Begat Han and Leia, out of a love forged so well

A son rife with woe, a son called Kylo

Who knew Ben would ring his father's death knell


Supreme Leader Snoke, his generals run amok, harness the sun to quell

The last outpost of Hope, an Empire's final crow

'Twas not to be, the Resistance swooped down to vanquish all hell

Han Solo, we bid you a fond, hallowed farewell







Tuesday, 16 February 2016 12:33 Jennifer Devore
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Cheers, kittens! So, last Hallowe'en I claimed I would post no blog until I finished the fourth title in my Savannah of Williamsburg historical-fiction series. (Fifth title altogether, including The Darlings of Orange County)

Well ...ta dah!

Okay, 'tis a first draft; but, if you've penned any 400-page novels lately, you will appreciate the effort. Editing is in full-swing and I hope to have Savannah of Williamsburg: Washington, Wisdom and the West, Virginia 1754 in your curious little hands by Springtime. As my cheerleaders inspire me, "Go, monkey, go!"

Besides finishing my first draft, 'tis February and around here, Februārius means three things: my Viking's birthday and both con, and bikini, seasons begin in earnest (86 degrees today on the sand and WonderCon is high nigh). The earliest blooms of con season (comic book conventions) are beginning to bud. WonderCon (L.A. Convention Ctr. March 25 - 27, 2016) is just over a month away and the thirty-day mark sounds the costuming alarm.

Natch, by now my costume is decided - Marvel Comics' Agent Carter, the ABC/Hayley Atwell version - and all components have, mostly, been collected; but the one-month point is the time to double-check fittings, assess extra accessory needs and attend to such necessities as salon visits.  (One must have bouncy hair at a con!) To boot, I just realized, last night even, that Agent Carter, with her trademark red fedora and navy blue togs does not wear red heels ... she sports blue! Duh! Alarm! Alarm! So, I am now on the hunt for the perfect pair of true-vintage, Post-WWII, blue Mary Janes. I deserve them. I know my value.

Well then, if you've missed the feathery whippings of my espresso-tipped quill, like those above, fret not, kids. I feel the stirrings which move me to post regularly again and now I have the time, sans that which I should be using to edit Savannah IV. Conversely, though I can barely imagine, if you have not missed my musings and me, or just don't care for my style, it's a big Internet. Move along, Sir or Madam. You shan't hurt my feelings.

If you are a geek, and, don't kid yourself, you are if you've continued this far, follow me here and at where, every Con Season (WC & SDCC) I post all the geeky, gooey, con goodness you need, including fabulous costuming pix by my partner-in-crime and our own photographer and costume designer Dr. Lucy of Twisted Pair Photography and Sea Gypsy Designs.

Apropos to the continuation of con season, even if you don't follow my novels or regular posts, be certain to check back this summer for SDCC coverage, including Preview Night! (San Diego Comic-Con, S.D. Convention Ctr. July 21 - 24, 2016). BTW, for devoted readers, yes, I am writing another article for the Official SDCC Souvenir Book! This year's theme? 75 years of Archie Comics. My focus? Betty & Veronica, of course! Who's your fave Riverdale gal? LMK @JennyPopNet!

Abyssinia on the Con Floor, Kids!


JennyPop's other Official SDCC Souvenir Book articles on Peanuts, Tarzan, The Simpsons, Hellboy and Catwoman can be found ... here! Read them all or take your pick! Want to read past coverage of WC and SDCC? Just type WonderCon, SDCC or Comic-Con into the search bars at any of her sites! (Where I write as Miss Hannah Hart, ghostdame of The Del)


Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:53 Jennifer Devore
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Perchance online games like Zombie Pop or Candy Kill are befuddling to you. Why would someone spend any valuable time poking zombies or slashing gumdrops? Of course, when powdered wigs and the 18thC. come into play, why, that is clearly time well-spent! If one happens to be an historical-fiction novelist, it can even be classified as research. Yes. Research.

So, finally an app for us fashion/history/research dorks! Courtesy of London's Victoria and Albert Museum ... "Design a Wig" app! If you have fifteen minutes, play with it and amusez-vous bien! (If you do not have fifteen minutes for happy silliness, maybe rethink some priorities.)

Enjoy JennyPop's own digital creation: one I imagine our Miss Savannah of Williamsburg (during her Blackbeard-phase) would adore! Ta! Merry Christmas, all!



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