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SDCC, WonderCon Coverage

Tuesday, 10 July 2018 09:56 Jennifer Devore
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Run for your lives, local mortals! 'Tis time! 'Tis time! San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is here, again, kittens! Whilst Summer is my least fave season (Moi, aka, authoress Jennifer Susannah Devore, needs her Autumn days and Sbux PSL!), July is a glorious month indeed! Comic-Con, the reigning monarch of all comic book/pop culture conventions takes flight July 19 - 23, 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center. Once again, Yours Truly will be there with my fave con cohort and shutterbug, Eslilay Evoreday of Twisted Pair Photography and Sea Gypsy Costume Designs. As this Summer tradition remains a constant, some aspects of the game are ever-changing. Now, the game is afoot!

  • Cosplay? Always. Yet, this year, three characters spoke to me: The X-Files' Agent Dana Scully, Disney's Moana and Star Wars' latest glamourous, kick-ass, space-chick, Qi'ra, of this Spring's Han Solo prequel, Solo.
  • SDCC Official Souvenir Book article? Bien-sur! Every year, mes amies. This year's article celebrates twenty-five years of The X-Files: (25 years! Wowee! Hold me closer, Tiny Mulder!) Hence, the Agt. Scully cosplay. (Moi always represents my writing-theme with apropos costuming ... if there's a fun character involved.) Catch up on all my SDCC SouvBk articles: The Simpsons, Catwoman, Hellboy, Peanuts, Batgirl, Betty and Veronica and Tarzan!
  • The Gaslamp Stroll? As Archer's Lana Kane would confirm, "Yup." It's not a con sans a few martinis and Dirty Shirleys hither and thither through San Diego's historic Gaslamp District.

If you're already dialed in to SDCC, you know what to do. Follow me on Twitter and Insta for all the extra, JennyPop goodness and I'll see you next week! If you're a con-fledgling and need a few helpful deets, load the official Comic-Con app on your phone and be sure to consult the programming schedule.

Programming this year includes such goodies and panels as Inside The Big Bang Theory Writers' Room, Comic-Con Film School, The Simpsons, Big Hero 6: The Series, SyFy's Krypton, a 25th anniversary screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas and far too much for my li'l ol' blog. (Speaking of SyFy, Yours Truly and our Eslilay will be in the SyFy Press Room once again: this year, interviewing the cast and writers of Sy'Fy's The Magicians. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask, tweet meeeeee! For past SyFy interviews, incl. 12 Monkeys, Helix and The Expanse, visit JennyPop's Interviews!)

Finally, make sure you're well-acquainted with not only SDCC's official, convention policies but, maybe even more importantly, JennyPop's con common courtesy policies: Boobs Are Not Bunnies. (If you need a swift kick to help you find your manners, Mistress of the Dorks, Adrianne Curry will help you right along!) Remember kittens, be nice, keep San Diego beautiful and keep your mitts to yourselves.


Abyssinia at the Con, kittens!


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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 10:07 Jennifer Devore
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It's Springtime in San Diego, kittens and that means one thing: San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) approacheth! July 19 - 22, 2018 will find Yours Truly awash in cosplay and cultur de pop, more so than usual. Sure, it's still three months off; yet playing the big Con takes prep. Every sweltering, sunny, San Diego Summer year my Con-cohort and I, Eslilay Evoreday, immerse ourselves in all the geeky goodness at the grandest of comic book conventions.

From groggy, early-morning costuming to the quiet and peaceful, calm-before-the-storm, Pacific-view train ride into downtown San Diego, punctuated by a perfunctory café stop and cosplay photo opp at Starbucks Santa Fe Station, SDCC days are chockabock of dorky fun. Shopping, involuntary crowd control, interviews in the SyFy Press room and boisterous evenings in The Gaslamp with Con pals, partaking of Dirty Shirleys and Ga&Ts at Lou & Mickey's, make July in SoCal worth the pervasive heat and obnoxious sunshine.

What makes SDCC the most special, besides hanging for a week with my bestie? Seeing my dorky musings in print, complete with a byline. Each year I submit an article for publication in the Official SDCC Souvenir Book. Fortunately, my scribblings have passed muster with each submission: seven years running and consistently the longest name in the book. (Jennifer Susannah Devore. Duh.) Will this year's article be of publication quality?! Commence fingernail nibbling.

Required to be an historical-retrospective of a given theme - no fan-fiction or fantasy submissions accepted - the article is always a fab opportunity to introduce some 250K con-goers to my writing style, yet also to research, at length, some fave pop-culture themes. Even where I consider myself an aficionado, I always learn gobs of fresh factoids on each new theme. This year? 25 years of The X-Files ... yep, 25 years! Scary. Hold me closer, Tiny Mulder.

On a late-Summer night in 1993, The X-Files landed in some 12m homes. Since "Pilot" aired, X-Philes have bathed in the blue light of nighttime television, fighting the night with two FBI agents far too sensual for relegation to a D.C. basement.

"Are you familiar with the so-called X-Files?"

- Agt. Fox Mulder, "Pilot", S1e1


Not familiar with The X-Files? Keep up with me and you will be. Abyssinia at the Con, Kittens!



Read all my SDCC published articles on Hellboy, The Simpsons, Peanuts, Tarzan, Catwoman, Betty & Veronica and Batgirl ... plus, The X-Files!

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 13:28 Jennifer Devore
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Can't make it to Comic-Con? Don't be sad! JennyPop's got you covered! All the dorky fun rages July 19 - July 23, 2017. For full posts, detailed accounts and, possibly, her Souvenir Book article, bookmark @JennyPopCom Twitter and Insta for all the in-depth, geeky, good times.

For up-to-the-moment action, Con-floor pix, JennyPop's IMHO snippets and this year's cosplay with cohort Eslilay Evoreday (as Archer's Lana Kane and Pam Poovey) follow @JennyPopNet on both Twitter and Insta! This is how you get ants!

Aside: Will JennyPop's seventh official SDCC Souvenir Book article be published? We shall see! Past published pieces include The Simpsons, Catwoman, Hellboy, Peanuts, Tarzan and Archie Comics. Read them all here!


Abyssinia at the Con, kids!

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 14:39 Jennifer Devore
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"San Diego’s booming prosperity attracts unscrupulous characters ... This includes prostitutes and gamblers."

Unscrupulous is such a subjective characterization. Effervescent? Of course. Adventurous? Certainly. Creative? Sans doute! We, specifically of the Comic-Con ilk (as this post pertains to that segment of the San Diego populace) are merely carrying on Rabbitville's long-running, luxe and intricate tapestry of the curious, the frivolous, the entrepreneurial, the artistic, the devoted and the odd. We also like a good martini, an unobstructed sunset and free parking.

Chances are good, the Gaslamp Quarter's founding real estate developer, San Franciscan transplant Alonzo Horton, was probably on the hunt for the same things, sans the free parking. Like all wise civilizers, Horton understood development along the water was optimal and set out to establish a thriving metropolis. Others had tried, and failed: notably, fellow San Franciscan, William Heath Davis.

In 1850, Davis moved his family down from the northern Bay Area and into a "pre-framed lumber salt box house" on the San Diego Bay, one of San Diego's first residences. Davis attempted to build a waterfront town and began to develop land at the foot of what is today Market Street. Unlucky in the financial markets, an economic downturn that year drained Davis and halted his expansion. Soon, the proposed town was home to only a few fishermen, srcub oak and a lot of rabbits. So many so, San Diego earned itself the moniker of Rabbitville.

Fourteen years later, along came Mr. Horton, with better luck and deeper pockets. In a whirlwind of planning and expansion, 1867 - 1869, Horton buys nearly 1,000 acres along San Diego's waterfront, builds a wharf at the end of what he names 5th Avenue and, on March 24, 1869, sells $5K worth of commercial and residential lots in what he named, Horton's Addition ... today's Gaslamp Quarter. Within another year Horton builds a bank and the city's first pubic theater: a 400-seat lecture hall called, what else? Horton's Hall. (Today, San Diego Convention Center has Hall H, the venue for Comic-Con's most coveted and celebritous panels and screenings. Hall H seats 6,500.)

Wise civilizers also know, where there is prosperity and progress, there will come riff-raff. San Diego was (is) no exception. Waterfront boom and growth attracts not only the prosperous, but the downtrodden. Where do both ends of this social spectrum meet? In gambling parlours and bordellos, of course.

By the 1880s, as San Diego real estate tentacled north and east from Horton's Addition. The area below Market Street - the heart of today's Gaslamp -  fell into gradual abandonment. The hip, wealthy and beautiful Victorians were moving to more luxurious and verdant communities like Banker's Hill, Cortez Hill and the quiet lots surrounding the, relatively new, Balboa Park. What was left in the Gaslamp comprised of mostly immigrants, family businesses, manufacturing, shipping, gambling and prostitution. The swath of land directly below the once-desirable Market Street became a redlight district known as Stingaree: a euphemism based on the profusion of stingray in the bay, and the after effects of patronizing Gaslamp girls. It is said you could be stung as badly in the Stingaree as you could in San Diego Bay.

Until 1912, when a police raid shut down the redlight district, the Stingaree was home and hovel to more than 350 girls working some 130 bordellos, including the then-mayor's favourite: Madame Ida Bailey's Canary Cottage, a pristine, yellow home with a white, picket fence, located at 530 4th Avenue. If men got too much sting at Madame Ida's, watering holes like First and Last Chance Saloon, Old Tub of Blood, and Legal Tender kept them drunk enough to be comfortable. If they had any cabbage left after the madams and the barkeeps, Gaslamp gambling halls were aplenty; some are rumoured to have been owned by Wyatt Earp. Interestingly, once the police raid wiped the streets clean of dirty girls, the U.S. Navy moved its West Coast liberty port from San Diego to San Francisco, based on a 779 to 17 vote taken by sailors aboard warships in 1913. Plenty of dirty girls up there, no doubt. Your Taft tax dollars at work.

1920 proves vital for San Diego's growing, Chinese population. The Chinese Benevolent Society is built "to protect the interest of all Chinese citizens in San Diego". Though they built much of the West Coast, laid the railroads bringing so much of America to the West, and worked the businesses and lands up and down California, the Chinese were oft treated with disdain and discrimination, including limited legal rights, like being disallowed to testify in court against a white man or woman. The Chinese Benevolent Society still stands today at 428 3rd Street and serves as a social place for myriad, Chinese holiday celebrations.

Like any metropolis, San Diego has wended through hills and valleys of prosperity, degradation, depression, restoration and gentrification. In the 1980s, many of the dilapidated, Victorian buildings were proffered new life as the Gaslamp Quarter was placed on the National Registrar of Historic Places (1980). In 1982, proprietors and landowners formed the Business Improvement District (BID) and christened the Gaslamp Quarter Association (GQA) "to protect and promote the historic district".

In 1990, the now-famous, Gaslamp Quarter Archway was built and erected by Pacific Sign Construction, Inc. and funded by redevelopment funds, managed by the former Centre City Development Corporation. The Archway cost $150,000 and weighs six tons.

Of course, waaaaay back in 1970, a twee gathering of thirty dorks (30!!!) met at the US Grant hotel to discuss, trade and buy comic books: baby's first Comic-Con. If you haven't endured enough history herein, enjoy my brief history of SDCC ... when you've finished here, of course!

Like Alonzo Horton, you'll likely find a good martini (best at Lou & Mickey's), only a slightly obstructed sunset (there are a lot more folks here than in 1867) and fat chance with free parking (Comic-Con or any time of year).


The Gaslamp Quarter has successfully transformed into a premier shopping, dining, and entertainment neighborhood. With over 200 restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lounges, boutiques, art galleries, and shops to peruse, the Gaslamp Quarter has established itself both as the playground of hip, eclectic San Diegans and as an elite urban destination, or so boasts Gaslamp Quarter online.


Can't make it to Comic-Con? Don't be sad! JennyPop's got you covered! All the dorky fun rages July 19 - July 23, 2017. For full posts, detailed accounts and, possibly, her Souvenir Book article, bookmark @JennyPopCom Twitter and Insta for all the in-depth, geeky, good times.

For up-to-the-moment action, Con-floor pix, JennyPop's IMHO snippets and this year's cosplay with cohort Eslilay Evoreday (as Archer's Lana Kane and Pam Poovey) follow @JennyPopNet on both Twitter and Insta! This is how you get ants! Don't care to go to the Con, but want to check out the Gaslamp during the zoo? Plenty to do in what S.D. Mayor Kevin Faulconer calls the Comic-Con Campus!

Aside: Will JennyPop's seventh official SDCC Souvenir Book article be published? We shall see! Past published pieces include The Simpsons, Catwoman, Hellboy, Peanuts, Tarzan and Archie Comics. Read them all here!


Abyssinia at the Con, kids!

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Monday, 10 July 2017 10:36 Jennifer Devore
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One week out from San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC July 19 - July 23, 2017, incl. Preview Night, San Diego Convention Center)! If you're attending, most of your prep is likely finished: cosplay elements, travel and entertainment itineraries, recruiting a friend to watch your dog and feed your turtle. Of course, even with all your ridiculous-meticulous prep, so much of the unknown remains.

First things are first, whatever you do ... carry a travel-size deodorant in your bag. Trust me, Con days are long, active and exceedingly warm; you don't want to be part of the problem. Bring or buy a spare pair of shoes. Trust me here, again. I'm starting off with 5" OTK Lana Kane boots and will likely end up in Yoda bedroom slippers. Have Uber already loaded on your phone so you're not tempted to drink and drive in the evenings, or don't want to wait for a trolley. Keep emergency cabbage on-hand for those impromptu Meet & Geeks; you never know when a martini or espresso can turn into a networking opp! Now, after you're set with all that, it's time to tend to your curious self and schedule all those fab SDCC panels, conferences and screenings!

So, if, comme Moi, you're a somewhat frivolous Con-goer, you're happy to play dress-up, grab some Starbucks and roam aimlessly around the Con floor in search of merchandise, fun pix and always have an eye on the horizon: a night of cocktails and good cheer, all in costume, in The Gaslamp or on the Harbour.

If, however, you are panel folk, Comic-Con is serious business. There's no time to shop for Ewok wallets and Yelp which pub has both Guinness AND Stone on draught. Panel folk have work to do and there are not enough hours in a Con-day to attend everything they desire. Hoping for a seat in a Hall H event? Well, there's your whole day, maybe even an overnight, grass-sleep: one event, one long line and a lot of stinky Captain America tees.

What's the big deal about panels, JennyPop?

Excellent query, fair reader! It depends upon your pop culture fetishes, yet panels number in the hundreds and cater to every possible fetish and inclination. Some, like the 4-day Comic-Con Law School actually qualify for MCLE continuing education units. Besides panels, there are also autograph booths (bring money), film festivals, artist conferences, Portfolio Review and gaming tourneys. The Big Daddies all land, however, at Hall H: the largest venue at 6,500 seats with the grandest events and most celebrated names. (A nice facet of SDCC? It's not about only celebrity thespians; everyone involved with fave productions gets star-status! Yea, writers, directors, costume designers, set designers and producers!)


  • Witness a random smattering of panels,  screenings and Q&A sessions:

Warner Bros. film premiere: Deception

Once Upon a Time


Disney Manga

Comic-Con Film School

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2oth Anniversary

Cosplay Makeup

My Little Pony


  • Coveted Hall H events for 2017 include the following behemoths:

The Big Bang Theory: 10th Anniversary

Fear The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones


Stranger Things

Twin Peaks

Doctor Who


With a finite number of hours, and days, in which to play, you need a rock-solid plan. If you scan the Comic-Con Programming Schedule and find you only want to attend the panel Hey Arnold!: From Hillwood to the Jungle (Friday July 21, 2017 11:45am - 12:45pm, Rm 6A) it's a good bet you'll recall where to be and when to head that way. Move it, football head!

However, if you're a panel-obsessive, you'll need dedication, comfortable shoes (like running-to-catch-your-flight-at-a-changed-gate comfortable) and the official Comic-Con My Schedule app (MySched).

Besides laying out your personally designed schedule, MySched allows you to send the schedule to your preferred calendar-software, sends push notifications so you know when to start sprinting to the next ballroom, enables sharing so you can coordinate with fellow dorks, and synchronizes across multiple platforms and devices. To boot, you can filter and search within the app via celebrity names, show titles, company names, artists, writers, etc. If you miss a panel, it's nobody's fault but your own, kitten.

As a program reminder, if you are going to Preview Night (Wednesday, July 19th), you'll want to head straight to Ballroom 20 when the Con doors open. From 6:00p - 10:00p, Warner Bros. and SDCC will continue their tradition of PrevNight screenings. This year fans will see the pilot-screening of ABC's new crime-drama Deception, a new episode of Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! and sneak peeks of new TV series Krypton and Black Lightning.

Now, off you go, Earthlings! One week to go! Spit-spot, chop-chop, lots to do!

Make a fun night this weekend of cosplay dress-rehearsal for your significant other, or your cat: no loose strings or tatty corsets, unless you're going as a zombie. If you wear makeup, get quality lipstick, mascara and blotting papers; you can't be touching up all day. Get in your possession a nice stainless steel water bottle; plastic bottles are wasteful and nobody wants to wait in line for $5 water. Purchase or make your own water mister, using only quality water like Fiji or Evian; the occasional, cooling spritz on your face just might ward off your own Baby down! temper tantrum. Buy that travel deodorant for your bag (Do it!). Set aside those extra shoes and, finally, load MySched and the Comic-Con Official Mobile App on your phone ... both are free and avail for Android and iOS!

Abyssinia on the Con floor, kittens!

Can't make it to Comic-Con? Don't be sad! JennyPop's got you covered! All the dorky fun rages July 19 - July 23, 2017. For full posts, detailed accounts and, possibly, her Souvenir Book article, bookmark @JennyPopCom Twitter and Insta for all the in-depth, geeky, good times.

For up-to-the-moment action, Con-floor pix, JennyPop's IMHO snippets and this year's cosplay with cohort Eslilay Evoreday (as Archer's Lana Kane and Pam Poovey) follow @JennyPopNet on both Twitter and Insta! This is how you get ants!

Aside: Will JennyPop's seventh official SDCC Souvenir Book article be published? We shall see! Past published pieces include The Simpsons, Catwoman, Hellboy, Peanuts, Tarzan and Archie Comics. Read them all here!


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