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It's Springtime in San Diego, kittens and that means one thing: San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) approacheth! July 19 - 22, 2018 will find Yours Truly awash in cosplay and cultur de pop, more so than usual. Sure, it's still three months off; yet playing the big Con takes prep. Every sweltering, sunny, San Diego Summer year my Con-cohort and I, Eslilay Evoreday, immerse ourselves in all the geeky goodness at the grandest of comic book conventions.

From groggy, early-morning costuming to the quiet and peaceful, calm-before-the-storm, Pacific-view train ride into downtown San Diego, punctuated by a perfunctory café stop and cosplay photo opp at Starbucks Santa Fe Station, SDCC days are chockabock of dorky fun. Shopping, involuntary crowd control, interviews in the SyFy Press room and boisterous evenings in The Gaslamp with Con pals, partaking of Dirty Shirleys and Ga&Ts at Lou & Mickey's, make July in SoCal worth the pervasive heat and obnoxious sunshine.

What makes SDCC the most special, besides hanging for a week with my bestie? Seeing my dorky musings in print, complete with a byline. Each year I submit an article for publication in the Official SDCC Souvenir Book. Fortunately, my scribblings have passed muster with each submission: seven years running and consistently the longest name in the book. (Jennifer Susannah Devore. Duh.) Will this year's article be of publication quality?! Commence fingernail nibbling.

Required to be an historical-retrospective of a given theme - no fan-fiction or fantasy submissions accepted - the article is always a fab opportunity to introduce some 250K con-goers to my writing style, yet also to research, at length, some fave pop-culture themes. Even where I consider myself an aficionado, I always learn gobs of fresh factoids on each new theme. This year? 25 years of The X-Files ... yep, 25 years! Scary. Hold me closer, Tiny Mulder.

On a late-Summer night in 1993, The X-Files landed in some 12m homes. Since "Pilot" aired, X-Philes have bathed in the blue light of nighttime television, fighting the night with two FBI agents far too sensual for relegation to a D.C. basement.

"Are you familiar with the so-called X-Files?"

- Agt. Fox Mulder, "Pilot", S1e1


Not familiar with The X-Files? Keep up with me and you will be. Abyssinia at the Con, Kittens!



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Caffè  Florian: Intruder Alert



Jennifer Susannah Devore


Little Miss JennyPop, as most people know,

Longed to revisit 18thC. Venice; she was always ready to go.


So to Caffè Florian, the oldest in the world - 1720 - she did flock.

For this Italian adventure, naturally, she packed her most Verdi-inspired frock.


On a rainy, Veneto night, into Florian they fled,

Sipping famed Florian brandy and espresso, JennyPop and her belov-ed.


Taking in a glistening, empty, St. Mark's Square,

The two shared an Enlightenment moment, looking quite the pair.


When down plopped beside them, a policeman and his wife,

An L.A. County sheriff and his clangorous lass, instantly spoke, ad nauseam, all about their life.


Like a boom in the shot, a fly in the wine,

They guffawed and gamboled too loudly, far from sublime.


We got two babies back in Big Bear! Do you know it?

I sure do love my babies ... the wife hesitated a bit.


Buuuuut? JennyPop prompted.

It sure is nice to get away sometimes, she admitted. Isn't it?


Leave me alone. Please exit my reveries.

This is my time, my moment, to experience the Seventeen-Twenties.


I don't really like people, JennyPop awkwardly blurted.

Fortunately, to her more affable half, the convo quickly reverted.


If one day you see JennyPop, lost in historical daydreams,

in a museum, cathedral or historic caffè,

Feel free to chat with her, quietly, then, please, go away.



Enjoy JennyPop's full EuroPop slideshow for Winter 2K18! Ciao, tutti!


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When the postcard-perfect days in sunny San Diego gnaw on her Addams Family aura, JennyPop (aka author Jennifer Susannah Devore) seeks the cold, the grey and the drizzly. East of the Mississippi is usually a good bet. Did she get more than she bargained for with 2018's Beast from the East?! Single-digit days may have pushed her cold threshold, but the Siberian Beast filled her happy-goth heart with glacier-blue joy. Just for you, kittens, she slipped off her cashmere gloves and froze her twee fingertips, whenever was necessary, to snap so many fun and fab pix.

It also gave her the opportunity to sport Mom's cashmere overcoat (finally!), tromp through an icy castle, use her German, French and Italian languages (rarely an opportunity in San Diego) and practice some very bad Czech. (Stop laughing at how I pronounce Děkuju. Czech is a difficult language, far more so than Dutch!) Cold weather also means refuge in her fave bars, museums, cathedrals and shops ... plus a few new ones. Enjoy a few more PopSpecs from Venice, Paris, Vienna and Prague.

Yes, btw, Piglet made it all over Europe again ... and back this time! Scroll down my Insta feed for Piglet's Grand Viennese Adventure of September 2K17.)

Tchuss, Alles meinen Freunden!

(P.S. As always, give JennyPop slideshows a moment to load. So much goodness! Vielen Dank!)


Visiting Venice and Caffè Florian, oldest coffeehouse in the world? If you see JennyPop there, maybe sit elsewhere, or at least be silent.

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Four Hours in Iceland: Notes on Exhaustion, Brain Drain and David Sedaris

- loopy, jet-lagged scribbling journaled on layover at Keflavik Int'l Airport -

by Jennifer Susannah Devore

View from Loksins bar, Keflavik Int'l Airport, Iceland. Photo: JSDevor

20 Sept. 2K17

1:45pm - 5:45pm

8dg C. (outside, duh)


How many degrees Fahrenheit are 8 degrees Celsius?

What is the Icelandic currency, and how much is it worth? When "nachos" cost 650kr, what does this mean, to me?

Beer and Brennivin is what this pub, Loksins, offers. What is Brennivin? (In fact, a vile schnapps-like fuel that tastes like Scope. Blech!) My Internet connection is failing; ergo, I cannot research any of this

After over two weeks in countries where we speak the languages - Austria (fluent German), Dutch (horribly spoken Nederlands, yet enough comprehension) and Belgium (fluent French) - it is v odd to not understand a bit of the native language, here in Iceland. Hungary does not count.

American football is on the pub TV: N.E. Patriots vs. N.O. Saints. Neither GarBear nor I care.

(Note: If my writing style seems odd, to those whom are more familiar w my sesquipadalian ways, my Baroque, verbal-flourishes, I am currently influenced, this trip anyhoo, by David Sedaris. I am reading Theft By Finding: Diaries 1977 - 2002; his natural, unpretentious, diary manner has affected Moi. (See? Moi. There is some of the old, less tired JennyPop!)

Brugghus must mean Brewhouse. I see some Dutch in Icelandic.

Sidan must mean Since. Drekkist means Drink (formal/plural/directive). Iskalt means Ice Cold. I think.

8 degrees Celsius, it turns out, is 0 degrees F. No, not F. 0 degrees C is freezing, 32 degrees F. I can't do the math right now. I'm tired.

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The Darlings of Orange County - Epub format The Darlings of Orange County - Epub format $4.99

Customer Reviews:

Sea Gypsy  (Saturday, 24 March 2012)
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I can't remember the last time a book made me laugh out loud. This is a must read!!! I've only had the book for two days and i can't wait for the


Savannah of Williamsburg: Book I Savannah of Williamsburg: Book I $14.95

Customer Reviews:

admin  (Wednesday, 05 June 2013)
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via "Lisa's List" NPR Review: What a pleasant surprise Savannah of Williamsburg is. At first glance I thought a story about a squirrel who comes to
Colonial Virginia, dressed in pretty frocks and traveling with a steamer trunk and a violin would not be my cup of tea. But I’m game, so I started


Savannah of Williamsburg: Book II Savannah of Williamsburg: Book II $15.95

Customer Reviews:

admin  (Wednesday, 05 June 2013)
Rating: 5
via J. Carroll on Amazon: An interesting history lesson, much of it told in the third person, through the eyes of a little, English squirrel who made
her way to America and settled in Williamsburg during the early years of this nation. See previous writing by the same author, titled "Savannah of


Savannah of Williamsburg: Book III Savannah of Williamsburg: Book III $15.95

Customer Reviews:

admin  (Wednesday, 05 June 2013)
Rating: 5
via Larry on Amazon: Very interesting read. Just enough history to make it interesting. Will look for other Savannah of Williamsburg books. Recommend
to all for enjoyable read!




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Hannah Hart, ghost dame of the Hotel del Coronado

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